Dr Judy Stephenson

After completing her PHD, Dr Stephenson joined the Sanae HF radar experiment as a research associate under Professor A.D.M. Walker.

Her job entails research with the Sanae HF radar and other SuperDARN (the network of HF radars in the northern and southern polar regions) radar data and supervising postgraduate students. This instrument provides a ‘window into space’ and as such her field of specialization is the magnetosphere and it’s interaction with the solar wind.

In addition, she manages the data from the Sanae HF radar and is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the radar software which runs on SUN UNIX and LINUX machines.
Quote:   "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu."
  SANAE HF radar data manager & research associate
BSc (Honours) 
Discipline:   Space Physics
Campus:   Westville
  031 260 1165
Recent Publications:   Stephenson, J.A.E. and M.W.J. Scourfield, Importance of energetic solar protons in ozone depletion, Nature, 352, 137-139, 1991.

Stephenson, J. A. E. and Walker, A. D. M.: Coherence between radar observations of magnetospheric field line resonances and discrete oscillations in the solar wind, Ann. Geophys., 28, 47-59, 2010.

Collier, A., Cilliers, P., Stephenson, J., Moraal, H. and P. Sutcliffe, Sub-zero physics, Quest, 7, 2, 7-11, 2011.


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