Dr Matthew P Akerman

Dr Akerman has been at the University of KwaZulu-Natal for four years, where he's lectured 1st year general chemistry, 2nd and 3rd year inorganic chemistry and Honours bioinorganic chemistry and X-ray crystallography.

His current research has a heavy focus on X-ray crystallography and medicinal chemistry, specifically the anti-tumour properties of coordination compounds. This research has been facilitated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI, USA). Collaboration with the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa has allowed his research to branch into radiolabelling metal-based anti-tumour agents
Quote:   "Without chemistry there can be no life".
  PhD - University of KwaZulu-Natal
BSc (Honours) 
Discipline:   X-ray crystallography and Inorganic Chemistry
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
  033 260 5293
Research Areas:   Medicinal Chemistry
Recent Publications:   Matthew P. Akerman and Victoria A. Chiazzari, J. Mol Struct. (2014), 1058, 22 – 30.

Aloice O. Ogweno, Stephen O. Ojwach and Matthew P. Akerman, Dalton Trans. (2014), 43, 1228 – 1237.

Matthew P. Akerman, Orde Q. Munro, Modisenyane Mongane, Johan A. van Staden, William I. D. Rae, Cornelius J. Bester, Biljana Marjanovic-Painter, Zoltan Szucs, and Jan Rijn Zeevart, J. Labell. Comp. and Radiopharm. (2013), 56, 530 – 535.



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