Professor Max Michaelis

Professor Michaelis was part of the Laser Group at UKZN, which researched gas lenses (Front cover of Nature), refractive fringe diagnostics, laser produced plasmas and operated an atmospheric LIDAR. They established strong collaborations with Pelindaba, NLC at CSIR, Univ de la Reunion and the Rutherford Lab. He also studied modeling of physical phenomena with permanent magnets.

In his retirement, Professor Michaelis continues to research the Levitron phenomena and flame lenses in an on-going collaboration with the National Laser Center at the CSIR. He also visits the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Space and Lasers) weekly and his magnetic applications ideas have been patented by Oxford University’s IP company (ISIS). 
  Emeritus Professor
  D.Phil - Oxon
Diplom Physiker - Munich University
MA - Oxon
Discipline:   Physics
Campus:   Westville
  018 443 39241
Recent Publications:   M.M.Michaelis. Horizontal axis Levitron – a physics demonstration. Phys. Educ. 49. 67-74. Jan 2014.

M.M.Michaelis (Interviewed by Science et Vie- Grousson) Je peux diriger des lasers a l’aide d’une flame. August 2013.

M.M.Michaelis, C. Mafusire,J-H Grobler, A Forbes. Focusing light with a flame lens. Nature Comms. May 2013. (High-lighted in another Nature Journal: Nature-Photonics). 

M.M.Michaelis. Inclined Levitron experiments. Am.J.Phys. 80. 949. 2012.

M.M.Michaelis et al. A gas-lens telescope. Nature 10 Oct. 1991


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