Mr Thembinkosi Donald Malevu

Thembinkosi Donald Malevu
The African Institute of Physics (SAIP) has recognized Mr Malevu for his research output on Condensed Matter Physics. He has also been acknowledged as promising young Physics researcher in South Africa.

He has received awards for best poster and most outstanding work in the field of condensed matter in physics. In 2017, he was nominated for NRF's Next Generation Researcher award. Mr Malevu is currently a lecturer in the field of Applied Physics.
Quote:   “If we had all the answers, there would be no need for research”.
  MSc (Nanosciences)
Hons (Physics: Semiconductor and Electronics)
BSc (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
Discipline:   Physics
Campus:   Westville
  031 260 1168
 Research Areas:   Mr Malevu' research is involved in semiconductor sensors (particularly energy) and new methods of semiconductor characterization.  He is also researching electronic instrumentation for low-cost instrumentation in developing countries.

He is currently developing methods of fabricating low-cost perovskite-based solar cells that use recycled lead and lead compounds from depleted sealed-lead acid (SLA) batteries.
Recent Publications:   T.D Malevu and R.O Ocaya 2015. Effect of Annealing Temperature on Structural, Morphology and Optical Properties of ZnO Nano-Needles Prepared by Zinc-Air Cell System Method, Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., Vol. 10(2) pp. 1752-1761.

T.D Malevu, RO Ocaya, KG Tshabalala, C, Fernandez. Synthesis and characterization of high-quality PbI2 nanopowders from depleted SLA accumulator anode and cathode, Applied Physics A 122 (7), 1-7

Bozena Hosnedlova1, Marta Kepinska2, Sylvie Skalickova3, Carlos Fernandez4, Branislav Ruttkay-Nedecky3, Thembinkosi Donald Malevu5, Jiri Sochor1, Mojmir Baron1, Magdalena Melcova7, Jarmila Zidkova7 and Rene Kizek2, Title: A summary of new findings on the effect of selenium on animal health – critical, International journal of molecular sciences 18(10):2209

T.D Malevu, Ocaya, KG Tshabalala. Phase transformations of high-purity PbI 2 nanoparticles synthesized from lead-acid accumulator anodes, Physica B: Condensed Matter 496, 69-73

T.D Malevu and R.O Ocaya 2014. Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles Using a Zinc-Air Cell and Investigation of the Effect of Electrolyte Concentration, Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., Vol. 9(12) pp. 8011-8023.



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